Romadina Anna Vadimovna

Title of CCM. School of higher sports skills in winter sports MO (1999-2004). Took part in competitions “Championship of Russia, 2000.”, “Championship of Russia, 2001.”, UGP in Norway 2000., UGP in Germany 2000. Leads private lessons and mini-groups of 2 to 5 people at the “MEGAICE” rink

Yakimenko Maria Aleksandrovna

Figure Skating Trainer, 1st sports category. The main areas of work: coach of children’s groups, individual lessons for children and adults; classes of OFP, TFP, teaching the basics of choreography, ice choreography, staging on ice from the beginning, basic steps, single jumps, basic and combined rotations, tracks; staging programs for sports competitions, as well as individual and group dances for entertainment events, festivals. Short biography: engaged in figure skating since 3.5 years. Experience of coaching with children for over 10 years as a coach of junior and medium groups in figure skating, as well as assistant ice dance director (Luzhniki Ice Ballet at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex under the guidance of Honored Artist of Russia Samsonova N.M., Modern ice theater “, amateur figure skating club “Silver Dream”). Participant and soloist of ice ballets and shows (Fairy Tale on Ice, Moscow Ballet on Ice, Modern Ice Theater, Theater on Ice Aleko), as well as many entrepreneurial projects.

Vertebnaya Gulnara Nyurullovna

Candidate Master of Sports. Pupil of the YPS (Young Pioneers Stadium), the “Trud” society. She worked as a figure skating coach at the Luzhniki Stadium and at the Snow Center at the Ski Center. Since 1999, together with the Silver Dream Club of Amateur Skating, she has been developing the LOVE figure skating trend in Russia (children and adults). She organized the unofficial Russian Championship among adults and children’s figure skaters – amateurs “Russian winter”, held in different cities of Russia for more than 10 years. Member of the Moscow Federation “ФигКат” since 2005. Responsible for the amateur direction and holding children’s open amateur festivals and competitions in Moscow. Participant and repeated winner and medalist of international competitions among adult amateurs (France, Germany, Italy). Coash of winners and prize-winners of Russian international children’s competitions (France, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia).

Becker Irina Aleksandrovna

 CCM in figure skating. Coaching experience of 6 years 2013-2019. Individual lessons, group classes, figure-skating skills at the initial level, sliding, jumping elements, rotations. Work on the programs.

Daduyshko Alexander Nikolaevich

June 24, 1994 year of birth. Since 1999, he has been studying, training, and performing in the Moscow Championship as part of the teams of the sports school of the Polar Bears hockey club. After graduating from school, 2012 began his professional career as a member of the youth team of the Dynamo Moscow ice hockey club, serving in the Russian championship. In 2013 he was invited to the Dynamo-Saint Petersburg youth team. For two seasons, performances in the championship of Russia scored 86 points. For performance, he became the top scorer of the St. Petersburg youth team. In 2015 he was enrolled in the team of the highest league of the Russian Championship – “Chemist” – Voskresensk. At the same time, he completed his studies and received a diploma of higher education from the PF Lesgaft University of Physical Culture and Sport, St. Petersburg, specializing in ice hockey. He finished the 2015-16 season in the team of the European MOL-League. Coaching activity began in 2016.

Protsko Eugene Sergeevich

He has been playing hockey since he was 7 years old. He began to engage in hockey CYSS Vympel. He played on it until 2011. He played at the defender position. During this period, played 126 games in which scored 47 points for performance. In 2011, he joined the Youth School Snow Leopards, for which he played until 2015. During this period, played in 85 games and scored 34 points for performance. Coaching activity began in 2016.


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